About US

We’re a father-daughter duo chasing our dreams! Both of us have had an affinity for cartoons and goofing around for as long as either of us can remember. 

About 10 yrs ago, Pops and I started writing down our ideas, hoping that one day we would have enough to do something with. We have over 1,000 ideas for books, comics, songs, short stories, gifs, and we want to share the laughter with all of you! 

Looking back, we realized we were always meant for this. The first original comic pops drew was of me as a baby (we’re on the hunt for it!), and we recently found my first attempt at drawing characters (the Simpsons) back in ‘91. Now, we’re ready to claim who we really are, Arteests. We want to make you laugh. You might not, as a lot of it is pun and rhyme based, and I mean A LOT.

When it comes to what we want and what we want to do, we want to grow and learn. We know these aren’t the best social media posts, our website is basic, and especially, our mock-ups are (gasp!) stock. I know, I know, it’s embarrassing. I’m naturally very aesthetically dramatic, and the idea of not having this balls-to-the-wall fully realized concept with everything figured out and orderly feels terrifying to me. Unfortunately for all of you, I learn by doing, and the only way I’ll grow is to start where I’m at right now and accept that I can’t make it perfect to launch. It’s a lesson I’ve been learning lately. Done is better than perfect.

What else do we want to do? We want to do good. We want to help. Our dream would be to make enough money to live beyond paycheck to paycheck and to start helping our community do the same. We have big dreams. We have very strong feelings regarding everyone having access to the basics: Food, water, clothing, shelter. But we want more. We want people to be able to think past their bills and struggles and enjoy some peace. Discover who they really are. 

Asking for Help is always hard, but here I am asking all of you for help. Help with patience as we learn what we’re doing. Help with understanding where we’ve misstepped so we can correct ourselves. Help with ideas on how we can Assist our community. Help with spreading the laughter.

I don’t know how to get from here to there yet. We’d love your input. If you know of any local services we can get involved in, please send their info our way! As long as they can handle my introverted sweatiness.